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I was searching for great earbuds without paying for the promoting (Beats I am taking a gander at you). When I found these they looked extraordinary, and had the right value point. When I initially unpacked I was inspired by the bundling, normally not the level of consideration you would get from anybody yet Apple. Abruptly I am unfastening a conveying case and looking at my earbuds wrapped around a flawlessly outlined attractive holder (Did I truly pay under $30?). At first I was somewhat careful about the apparently inflexible wire, however it really is unbelievably decent and strip like. Another zone of quick concern was the weight, they are made of metal and feel extremely powerful, yet I thought about whether they would feel substantial... they don't the fit cozily and feel incredible as I work 8 hours a day with them in. They additionally have quite great call quality for making business calls. Long story short - you can't turn out badly at this value point.

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